Our School PPE (Personal Protective Shields) offers Social Distance Protection for Students, Teachers and Staff, Classrooms, Desks, Tables, Study Halls, Libraries, Common and Lunch Areas.

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In an effort to reduce potential risks, the CDC recommends installing physical barriers when possible to limit potential exposure by separating students, teachers and staff. Therefore, by introducing Decotone Protective Dividers to your school or office— you are limiting the opportunity of spreading viruses through direct person to person contact and airborne exposure.

Protective Dividers and Shields permit essential interactions while limiting the potential exposure to infection cause by speaking, laughing, coughing or sneezing. 

FEATURES: Inexpensive, Easy to Build, High Quality 6MM Acrylic, Non-Porous Materials, Multiple Sizes Available, Versatile Applications, Locally Produced, Installation Available, Quick Shipping Options.

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Finish and Availability

6.0 mm

Multiple sizes available